1. Mark Member

    Beginner Reseller

    Topic posted on: 03-01-2017 at 13:29

    Hi, I am thinking of branching out my business into web design/hosting as I have had a couple of small companies ask me if I offer these kinds of services. I'm just testing the waters so wanted a reliable and cost efficient provider.

    Versio seems ideal for my needs but I had a few questions before jumping in....

    My plan is to both build and host the website (not sure about the domain registration, see questions) and just wanted to make sure that Versio can offer what I need:

    1. It looks like best practice for my client to keep ownership of their domain name, if we ever terminated the hosting relationship did could simply find another hosting solution and move on - if they do retain ownership, I'm I still able to hosting under a reseller account so I can charge a monthly/annual fee for support and future development?
    2. As a beginner, which particular package would you recommend initially? I assume I can upgrade as required. My target is small companies (sole traders who want an online presence but not the hassle).



  2. Gerald Versio staff
    Reply posted on: 03-01-2017 at 15:55

    Thanks for interesting in our hosting packages.

    The answers to your questions:

    1. When you order a domain name you are able to set the domain name holder to your client his name / company. If the domain is placed to your cart you can open your cart and under the total price you can check "Configure domain name settings during checkout." (http://pasteboard.co/hEmhJcMOG.png) so you are able to set the domain holder on your clients name.

    For the hosting u can create a user under a reseller account in Directadmin and link the domain name to that user under the reseller.

    2. You can start with a small package and can always upgrade to a bigger package. You pay the diffrence between the old package and the new package for the remaining months of your hosting subscribtion (with a very small % of administration costs)

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  3. Mark Member
    Reply posted on: 03-01-2017 at 21:18

    Thanks for the information, you seem to have a great business model.

    Just one final question, I currently have my business domain under Justhost.com but hosted under my Office365 account. I'm assuming I can move my hosting to Versio without an issue? I would like to keep my email with Microsoft though to retain the full Exchange mail server experience.

    Thanks, Mark.

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  4. Gerald Versio staff
    Reply posted on: 04-01-2017 at 09:53

    You're welcome Mark.

    Yes thats possible. You can manage your DNS settings through the hosting control panal Directadmin or through your customer panel on Versio.uk

    See for morge information:

    When you have problems with setup your DNS settings you can contact our Helpdesk to configure your domain name.

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