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Change account info - email link error

Try to change account info but the email link is not working in order to change the info?...

Last reply 11-10-2022 14:32
11-10-2022 14:32 1 6184
I can't change my name servers

hi guys. When i want to chance my nameservers i get this error. The nameserver change has failed. The nameservers provided are...

Last reply 15-03-2022 08:32
15-03-2022 08:32 0 12506
Support for a VPS Package

I'm a little confused over the level of support offered to clients who have the VPS package. Up to recently the support I have...

Last reply 04-10-2021 13:04
04-10-2021 13:04 1 19474
Enter New CSR Code

I have a wildcard certificate which has been renewed automatically. I need to enter a new CSR code but not sure how to do that. ...

Last reply 14-09-2021 06:16
14-09-2021 06:16 0 16666
Customer support is horrendous

Dear Versio, Your online 'chat' to support doesn't even work. I can only see my previous conversations. Tried both on Chrome and...

Last reply 27-04-2021 17:19
27-04-2021 17:19 3 14820
Email Marked As Spam

Hi. I am a sole trader in the UK. I do not spam or bulk email as my customers come to me via my website contact form. Sometimes...

Last reply 11-04-2021 15:02
11-04-2021 15:02 1 9708
Hosting Renewal Expiry!!!

I have only been with Versio for 1 year. Today I realised I was not getting my emails through. It turns out my hosting package...

Last reply 13-03-2021 12:31
13-03-2021 12:31 2 11004
Certificate Reissue

How long does it take to process certificate reissue?...

Last reply 27-01-2021 18:03
27-01-2021 18:03 1 6684
Two Factor Authentication Out Of Sync

Fairly regularly the two factor authentication goes out of sync and I have to dive into the back end to switch it off to access my...

Last reply 08-07-2020 12:49
08-07-2020 12:49 2 5877
Creating sub-domains

Can anyone tell me how to set up a sub-domain on an exixting domain that I have in Versio?...

Last reply 24-06-2020 12:37
24-06-2020 12:37 0 6602