1. Dark Member

    Just bought and this is SUPER confusing

    Topic posted on: 14-08-2018 at 17:34

    I bought the website DarkRotations.Site

    I installed a forum app and its install directory is not right.
    It shows the following: /home/darkruz225/domains/darkruz225.225.axc.nl/public_html
    I ATTEMPTED to change the next line URL to: http://darkrotations.site

    And I get an error saying;
    The following errors were found :

    The URL posted is not in your domain(s) list

    It IS in my domain list. I am trying to install MyBB. IMyBB appears to be working fine, its the portal that is not working!

  2. Dark Member
    Reply posted on: 14-08-2018 at 17:36

    Here is what I see for domains when I go to set it up:

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  3. Maurice Versio staff
    Reply posted on: 14-08-2018 at 20:18

    darkruz225.225.axc.nl is the free test domain that comes with every hosting package. Have you already linked the domain to your web hosting package


    If you have done this, it will be added to the DirectAdmin within 24 hours and the folders will be created on the hosting and the domain will be visible online.
    Only creating in the DirectAdmin (hosting) is not linking. If you then log on to DirectAdmin after linking, you will be given a choice menu which domain you want to manage.
    Only then can you install a CMS on the domain such as a forum.

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