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    Support for a VPS Package

    Topic posted on: 22-03-2019 at 12:51

    I'm a little confused over the level of support offered to clients who have the VPS package. Up to recently the support I have received has been really good. I didn't take out a support contract as it seemed expensive for the additional services offered. However a few months ago I received a message that I needed a support contract so I took one out for a couple of months and I didn't notice any sort of additional service.

    Recently I have had email and SSL issues. The SSL issue has resulted in me paying twice fo a certificate but it still fails the Google test. As for email. I have an account that suddenly (no change from me) stopped working with my my MacBook Pro but would with the iPhone. The error talks about ports not responding.

    I raised the issue and was that I needed to take out a three month support contract before It would be looked at.

    Sarcastically I did suggest I could come to the data centre and swap out the blade. After working for 30 years in IT I know that systems do not just stop working unless their are environmental conditions or a part failure. The first thing I always looked for was one thing - What Has Changed? I consider this to be standard system support not an "added extra"

    So you can see my confusion. With the Support Package included it makes Versio's price for a VPN one of the most expensive on the market. I have looked at the help system which is sparse. the forums is even more sparse. Where do I go next

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