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Customer support is horrendous

Dear Versio, Your online 'chat' to support doesn't even work. I can only see my previous...

Last reply 27-04-2021 17:19
27-04-2021 17:19 3 14552
Hosting Renewal Expiry!!!

I have only been with Versio for 1 year. Today I realised I was not getting my emails through. It...

Last reply 13-03-2021 12:31
13-03-2021 12:31 2 10990
Two Factor Authentication Out Of Sync

Fairly regularly the two factor authentication goes out of sync and I have to dive into the back end...

Last reply 08-07-2020 12:49
08-07-2020 12:49 2 5860
Does versio provides managed hosting.?

I have been using the managed digitalOcean hosting which is powered by Cloudways for my magento...

Last reply 27-12-2019 16:38
27-12-2019 16:38 0 3633
EU_ versio or UK_versio

What's the difference between the UK and the EU customer portal? We are located in Belgium and...

Last reply 26-07-2018 12:03
26-07-2018 12:03 2 2402

Hi, my site shows this notification secalhar.com is unable to fulfill this request at this time...

Last reply 14-06-2018 11:03
14-06-2018 11:03 1 2376
Account transfer

Best Until now our website was managed by webhost.derossi.be, a subcontractor of Versio c/o...

Last reply 05-06-2018 09:36
05-06-2018 09:36 3 3359
GDPR - Agreement

Good morning, How can I receive the GDPR agreement from you guys? A ticket was closed because it...

Last reply 25-05-2018 09:22
25-05-2018 09:22 1 2028
Email not received via Catchall

Hi Currently using catchall to direct all email sent to domain to a specific gmail address, however...

Last reply 21-12-2017 21:21
21-12-2017 21:21 4 3407
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